NineFlatFive Records are proud to release the new, upcoming album 'Sorgmantel' from composer Fredrik Uhlmann during the fall of 2015.

The album contains nine new tracks, recorded and mixed between February - August in 2015, at Sunnanå Studio, Malmö.


Trackinglist (in no particular order):




Morgon i sommarskrud




Väna själ

Sorgmantel - variation



Fredrik says:


"My ambition with 'Sorgmantel' was to make it a somewhat more straight-forward, acoustic jazz-album, compared to my previous album 'Faces I remember and places distant'.

There's no EAM on 'Sorgmantel' - it's all acoustic and live.


It took me in about four months to write the whole album and as the progress proceeded, the material on 'Sorgmantel' turned out to be pensive, both musically and lyrically.

I wanted to experiment with the forms of the songs and ended up with using different musical settings and a narrator during the sessions.

Everybody involved with the record have been absolutely tremendous, as they've interpreted my compositions and performed them beyond my wildest expectations.

There are many fine (improvised) moments on this record."


He continues:


"The new album is a solemn while. I'm very humble and proud about 'Sorgmantel' and can't wait to let people hear it."




Ida Karlsson: tenorsaxophone

Erik Kimestad - Pedersen : trumpet

Jenny Lundström: grand piano

Lasse Lundström: bass

Hannes Olbers: drums

Linda Bergström: vocals

Johann Soustrot: violin I

Paul Slawik: violin II

Dinu Serfezi: viola

Adrian Santa: cello

Lars Lindström: narrator


Tobias Ekqvist: engineer, recording, mixing

Fredrik Uhlmann: all compositions, arrangements, recording, producer


Jonas Anderson: painter




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